Yellow Bicycle

I love finding little gems.  Take this yellow bicycle, for example.  I was at Fort Williams on Sunday, making my way around the Cliff Walk trail toward the lighthouse.  When I finally rounded the last corner where the gravel trail opens up into a paved roundabout, there she sat – chained to an otherwise empty bike rack.  It struck me that she’d been riding these roads and trails for some time; she had character.  First, I noticed her wonderful color, which popped against the gray sky and the light fog that was slowly setting in; second, I noticed her chrome wheels, which reminded me of a vintage Schwinn.  Perhaps she really caught my eye because I’ve been thinking about buying a bicycle.

When I happened upon her, there was a gentleman nearby taking pictures of the lighthouse.  I snapped a few quick shots, but thinking the bicycle might be his, I didn’t linger too long.  I continued on, walking past the lighthouse down to another lookout point.  When I saw him pass by, paying her no mind, I wandered back.

It’s the little things that I really love: the oily gears, the pitted chrome, the bokeh as the spokes fall out of focus.  The details, and the fun of scrunching myself up into a little ball to find the perfect angle for capturing such a fine specimen.


~ by Audra Hatch on April 14, 2011.

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