A few weeks ago, I was house sitting for some friends of mine.  They have three wonderful cats – they’re the biggest, quirkiest love bugs you’ll ever meet.  One afternoon, after it had been raining for what felt like two weeks straight, everyone piled out the back door for some much-needed fresh air.  The cats set off to cause trouble, and I set my eye on the blooming crab apple tree.

While I was shooting, Lucy (a.k.a. “Lucy Liu”, “Lucyfur”, “Little Monster”, etc.), the youngest of the bunch, decided she wanted attention.  She stalked my feet through one of the flower gardens, and then proceeded to fly up to the top of one of the trees.  She paused for a moment on the ground while I took her photo, but catching her in the tree was more difficult – she leapt through the branches like a child on a jungle gym.

The following images were my favorites.  I enjoy the first because I think it captures Lucy’s calmer side (however fleeting), but also because of its tack-sharp quality.  Lately, I’ve had trouble getting images as sharp as I’d like them, so nailing the focus on this shot pleases me.  The second I like because it has a softer, more romantic feel – the bokeh, the glow from the sun shining through the fog, a little lens flare.  It’s a style (and post-processing technique) I’ve been trying to improve.  I also like that she looks so at ease – a far cry from the kitten that, two years ago, climbed thirty feet up a tree and couldn’t figure out how to get down.


~ by Audra Hatch on May 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lucy”

  1. That is an intense kitty stare :]

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